Birth of a Blogger

I never thought I wanted to be a blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogs. My Feedly is filled with blogs on everything from news to fashion, cooking to pets, and even some by people I know. But, for a long time, being a blogger just seemed inaccessible. I’ve blogged for a couple different sites as part of my job, but what to write about was easy, built right in even. Whenever the idea that I should start my own blog floated through my brain, I’d quickly dismiss it because I just knew I would never be able to come up with enough material to cover more than a few posts (and probably boring ones at that). The people who wrote the blogs I read seemed to be these awesome people with lives way more interesting than mine. Most of my friends who started blogs did so to keep family and friends informed about what life was like for them wherever they’d ended up post-college…and let’s be honest, moving so your husband can play pro basketball in foreign countries is way cooler than anything I could come up with about my life. I was happy leaving the blogging to the professionals and peeking into their more interesting lives.

After spending a few years in the real world (and many slow work days scrolling through blog feeds), I’ve realized that my favorite blogs are the ones that, amid the recipes and photos and fashion suggestions, talk about life. The ups and downs, joys and struggles, the “Aha!” moments and the ponderings that come with each day. Reading those posts, I felt a connection to people I’d never met and a deeper connection to people I’d known for years.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that the lives of these elusive bloggers weren’t any more extraordinary than mine, and that, in fact, I do lead a pretty interesting life. I have a lot of experiences people can relate to and some that are fairly unique and, I think, important to share with others: I work in one of the most powerful cities in the world and am a part of the industry that makes sure you have food on your table every night. I grew up in Midwestern, rural America and have traveled the world. I’m addicted to Pinterest and like to actually do the things I pin. I’m in the midst of year two of a long distance relationship with a guy so amazing he makes it extremely easy and painfully hard to do all at the same time. I have the cutest dog who (unintentionally) has become my child.

Basically, I’m a twenty-something living life and want you to be a part of it, even if that’s just through a computer screen.


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