Imitation is the highest form of flattery?

Dogs are great. They provide love and companionship, help you get out of the house and meet new people, and become a built-in exercise partner. And they help you discover hidden gems in your neighborhood, like this one I often pass on walks with Weasley:


You may not be able to tell from this photo, but both sides of this duplex have unique art features in their front yards: shopping carts.

The house on the right started the trend with a giant shopping cart out front. Gradually, over a couple months, various giant groceries have been added.


Then, on a walk with Weasley just about a week ago, I noticed that the other house had added it’s own shopping cart, complete with groceries and chain to keep it from being stolen.


I haven’t quite decided if the left side added their art installation as a joke/mockery of their neighbor, or if they really, really like the giant shopping cart yard art but couldn’t afford something so extravagant. The world may never know…